You can make that cosplay you’ve been dreaming about.

I’m here to help you out!

FAIR WARNING: This site may or may not contain colorful and exuberant language. I may look like an innocent but that’s just a facade. I have opinions.


You’re probably wondering where the art is. I’ve got news for ya, there is no art here. I’m mostly a sewer and crafter, but sometimes I like to pretend I’m a digital artist and that is where the name ‘Mega Coven Art’ came from. I dived into this venture making digital art, specifically the Supernatural variety — another reason why I chose the name Mega Coven Art.

I spent a couple of years on the local con circuit tabling with my digital art and handmade crafts. I loved it but realized I don’t wanna spend the rest of my days peddling and selling.

I love the fan world of conventions. The comraderie. The cosplay. Being around people who are like me!

I also love making clothes and sewing. Especially costumes! It’s like magic. Suddenly, your favorite universe is real! This blog is here to help you step into your favorite costume and wear it with pride. Get tips on sewing and step by step tutorials. 

Favorite fandoms: Supernatural, Lord of the Rings, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, Sabrina, and Harry Potter. 

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