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My name is Erin.

I am a witchy seamstress with a penchant for making clothes, especially costumes!

Way back in 2017, I called myself a digital artist. I dove into this venture making digital art — specifically the Supernatural (tv show) variety — and that is where the name ‘Mega Coven’ originally came from.

I spent a couple of years on the local comicon circuit tabling with my art and handmade crafts. I loved it but realized I don’t wanna spend the rest of my days peddling and selling so I switched directions and focused on my #1 hobby…sewing!

I love making clothes and creating my own patterns. Especially costumes! It’s like magic. Suddenly, your favorite universe is real! I am 100% self taught and have been sewing for over a decade making bags, blankets, toys, clothes, home decor, etc. You name it. I’ve tried it.

So this blog is here to chronicle my costuming endeavors, pattern making, and things I’ve learned along the way!

One a side note…

Clothing, fabric merchants, and the fashion industry create an alarming amount of waste each year. As a seamstress, I am a part of this and it’s not lost on me the affects my hobby and practices have on the environment.

I am taking steps in my own life to reuse and recycle every day and want these ideals to carry over into my sewing.

Therefore, you might see an underlying theme in my posts and tutorials for secondhand sewing and ways to reduce new item purchases. I hope this can inspire you to think about how your crafting decisions affect our world and things we can all change to help reduce waste.

These are a few things

that make me who i am

appreciating art

middle ages and
rennaissance history buff

man’s best friend

live music

road trips

sustainability and
adopting multi-use items

mysteries of
the paranormal


Introverted – Intuitive
Feeling – Prospecting

movies & tv
specifically period dramas

getting lost
in a magical book

exploring the
desert landscape

coffee with
a sprinkle of cinnamon

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