Make pattern weights at home with only 3 supplies! They’re fast, cheap, and get the job done. Using pattern weights will change the way you use sewing patterns. It’s faster, easier, and keeps your patterns looking nice. Plus, I think it allows for more accurate pattern cutting.


Flat heavy washers
Super glue

I picked up these flat heavy washers at the hardware. The smaller one is 1.75″ and the larger is 2″. The prices ranged from 25 to 50 cents each. I purchased a dozen to make 6 pattern weights.

large metal washers

To make one weight, I glued 2 washers together with run-of-the-mill super glue.

metal washers glued

Next I glued a piece of long ribbon to the inside of the washer. For the larger washer I used about 27″ of ribbon.

washer with ribbon

Then I started wrapping the ribbon around the washer making sure I overlapped the ribbon edges.

ribbon wrapped around washer

Once the ribbon was wrapped all the way around, I secured it on the inside with the super glue. DONE.

finished pattern weight
stacked pattern weights

See how to make the most affordable, easy pattern weights to change the way you work with sewing patterns.