5 good sewing habits to follow


5 good sewing habits to follow
Here are 5 good sewing habits to follow if you're a beginner at sewing. Keep your sewing projects stress free and enjoyable!

We all know we should have good habits. Eat well. Get enough sleep. Exercise daily. Yes, we’ve heard this a million times. But what are good sewing habits? Below I’ve compiled some of the habits I try to sew by! Great for beginners and always a good reminder for the experienced sewists.

Don’t Pull

When your threads or fabric catch in the bobbin area, don’t tug and rip them out. Use scissors to release your fabric from the strings and then clean out your bobbin area. Forcefully removing a jam can cause timing issues, bend or break needles, and damage the fine parts in the bobbin area. I don’t know about you, but I don’t relish taking my machine in for repairs and paying the hefty bill.

Don’t rush

Take your time. This is a habit I’ve struggled with over the years. I like to go, go, go. I want my project done and I want it done now! While I enjoy watching the building process, I also want to sit there and admire my finished work. Learn to enjoy each step in sewing. Use patience with every step and don’t always stitch at the speed of lightning. Clip your threads as you go. Make sure your start and stop points are anchored (backstitched). Take the extra few seconds to press seams and trim excess fabric. As each step compounds, these little things can reduce stress that builds when your project is turning out less than desirable.

Fill bobbins before you begin

A huge pet peeve of mine is running out of bobbin thread in the midst of sewing. An even bigger pet peeve is then having to completely stop my project and fill a bobbin. I like to have a backup bobbin or two ready to go so I can drop it in and continue without the hassle of completely unthreading and re-threading my machine.

Read all instructions and take notes

Reading all the pattern instructions is paramount to a successful end product. I know they are long and make your head spin, but they’re chock-full of really helpful tidbits. Missing a step in construction or sewing with the wrong seam allowance can drastically alter your project. Don’t forget to write down steps you take that deviate from the original instructions. You’ll be thankful for this when you use the pattern again.

Keep learning

If you have any one habit for sewing, make sure it’s to keep your passion for learning! Don’t give up on sewing because a new technique is daunting. Do research, ask questions and most importantly, just TRY. Sewing is best learned by doing. Sure, there are millions of tutorials and helpful hints on the world wide web; however, this only goes so far! Try. Try. Try. Follow your interests and show yourself patience. Even after all these years, I’m still learning something new with just about every project I do.


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5 tips for good sewing habits


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