Cara Dune cosplay tutorial: Getting Started

Cara Dune, Cosplay

cara dune getting started

After watching The Mandalorian tv series, Cara Dune quickly topped my cosplay list. The Star Wars universe boasts some impressive female leaders, but none are quite like Cara. She’s just a badass. You can’t deny it.

There will be several parts to this tutorial. As you can see, her costume is quite detailed!

Let’s get started.

Find Reference Images

I think there were more pictures of Cara Dune’s clothes at the D23 Expo than there were of the Royal wedding. Finding detailed Cara Dune images is EASY and they are excellent photos.

I used these Imgur albums for reference (credit to StarWarsIRL):
Full Body
Upper Body
Mid Section
Lower Body

Dissect the pieces of her costume
  • Crop Top with princess seams
  • Stand up collar
  • Undershirt with ribbed sleeves
  • Long pants with side panels
  • Black leather belt
  • Gun holster/ammo belt
  • Arm bracers
  • Gloves with knuckle guards
  • Body Armor
  • Leather boots with ammo
  • Arm and face tattoos
  • Blaster
  • Machine Gun (optional)

Don’t forget you will need to think about hair and makeup (which is optional).

Materials for each piece

After examining photos, I’ve made a basic outline for materials. This list is not final and you certainly do not have to adhere to it. These are options off the top of my head that might work. It’s a good starting point to get the wheels turning.

I skipped the machine gun for my costume. It may be something I’ll add later but for now, I’ve got enough Cara stuff to make! I’ll dive into more detail on later parts of the tutorial.

Crop Top
Hex pattern (honeycomb) Neoprene or scuba knit
Faux leather trim
Foam collar
Faux leather piping
Lining fabric (optional)

Dark teal trousers (doesn’t matter what fabric as long as there are no visible pockets).
Hex patterned neoprene/scuba knit fabric (same as top fabric)
Faux leather piping

Black faux leather
Dark Teal faux leather
Faux or real leather for the gun holster
Velcro to “buckle” the belts

Black faux leather boots with a low wedge heel
Faux leather details

Modified Nerf gun / 100% foam modeled blaster / Purchase and paint a blaster kit

Black faux leather “driving” gloves
Knuckle armor from foam / 3D Printed

Arm Bracers
Dark teal faux leather (same as material from the ammo belt)

Ammo & Armor
Modeled from foam / 3D printed / Purchase a kit

Buy temporary tattoos / make stencils for makeup / a custom stamp

Whew! Did I just squash any bit of excitement you might have had? Sorry.

That massive list looks like a lot right now; however, we will break down the steps even further. You’ll see it’s definitely doable. I’ve made a checklist you can download to help you stay on track.


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